The Company

Rogel Engineering was founded in 1972 by the late Alex Gilat (1920-1993). since 1972, the company provides a wide variety of engineering services specializing in the plastic industry. The company has acquired comprehensive experience in product development, cost reduction, industrial design, material selection, mold design and general consultancy. Today the company is lead by three experienced engineers: Eitan , Alon and Guy, all family members of the late Alex Gilat.

Our areas of expertise include a wide variety of applications, among them: 

  • Medicine & Health
  • Hi-Tech 
  • Irrigation
  • Food & Milk industry
  • Security
  • Furniture & Toys
  • Communications and Telephones
  • Hand tools
  • Optics
  • Packaging …and many others.

In the design process we integrate elements such as electronic boards ,motors, metal parts, glass, rubber and other materials. We make our best to offer cost effective, simple yet reliable solutions. 

Every project can be escorted from the initial concept, through the design, prototype testing and prototype development, all the way to the production stages.

As a small company we respond quickly to our clients' needs and treat them with the warm family atmosphere that characterizes our company.



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